How to Backup and Change WordPress Theme? – ThemesColor

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WordPress is a famous Content Management System and there are thousands of Websites that use this platform to manage their online presence. It is a great portable tool that offers a lot of credibility and flexibility when it comes to managing your content. There's a huge collection of Themes and Plugins that itself supports a

How to Disable Comments on WordPress – 4 Simple Methods

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Comments are one of the best ways to communicate with your visitors but sometimes it becomes a mess because of the spammy and inappropriate content that they share. If you're looking for ways to disable comments on your WordPress website then you're at the right place. Thanks to the high-end customization of WordPress, you can

How to Renew SSL Certificate – 2 Simple Methods

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If you forgot to renew your SSL certificate, don't worry its not the end of the world. But its more like a security risk for your website. Your hosting provider will probably mail you ahead of the expiration date and if somehow you ignore these messages, then you're in trouble. In this post, we've shared

How to Delete and Uninstall a WordPress Theme – Complete Guide

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How to delete a WordPress theme is one of the many questions people are searching on the internet. People who try themselves to delete the WordPress theme may face lots of trouble because most of the people using WordPress do not have any coding or other software related knowledge. Have you ever thought why there