The Internet is a world of mystery and unusual things happen a lot at this age. If you’re an internet marketer or running a website online then you might know about viruses and hackers. In this post, we’ve shared some signs that your WordPress site is being hacked.

But what if your site got hit by one of these hackers or viruses. It’s like a tumor that spreads over time. But what if you didn’t even know your site got hit by hackers. How can one understand this? Most people don’t even understand that their website got hit. Some even realize this when it’s already too late.

i) A Sudden Drop In Traffic

If your website is hit by some hackers, then you will see a sudden drop in your website ranking. It’s because Google will not trust your website and will decrease its search engine rankings.

To get a full analysis of your website, use tools like Google Analytics. They provide a full overview of your website and sometimes shows the error message.

ii) BlackHat SEO Method

There are two types of SEO methods. Whitehat SEO, that includes all the organic search ranking method. Blackhat SEO, that includes inorganic methods. Some hackers use a blackhat technique called injection. This creates a backdoor in your website and publishes unusual things. Like bad backlinks, spammy links, data injection.

iii) Website HomePage

This is one of the most common causes if your website got infected by malware or hackers. Hackers usually infect the front page of your website. They change the settings and replace the landing page into something else.

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iv) Unable To Login

Hackers usually run software at the backend of your WordPress site login panel. They run a different formation of usernames and passwords to get access to your website.

If you see this type of login email in your inbox, quickly change your WordPress password. It is recommended that you choose a hard password for your site.

v) Suspicious Users Added

Some hackers with limited access make a user account on your WordPress site. However, if you see any suspicious user account on your website, immediately delete it. Sometimes you can’t make this action because the hacker has an administrative user role. In this case, contact your hosting support and change your website password.

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vi) Slow Loading Speed 

Check your website loading speed whenever you add a new article or post. You can use the Google Speed test tool to check the performance of your website. If you see unusual results on your website performance then it might have been hit by malware or hackers.

Usually, the infected malware or hacker use different IP addresses and send fake requests to your web server. If your server limit is 5000 requests per day, it will send 10,000+.

vii) Spammy Search Results

This is the last stage of all these activities. If you see spammy search result on your keywords, then you’re hit by a potential hacker. Normally they make tons of spammy posts on your website to generate revenue. To identify this, check your site name on google. If you see Chinese or Japanese search results, then you’re in a lot of trouble.

How To Tackle This?

The first recommendation is to use all the recommended security software that your hosting services provider. Then choose a hard guess password for your website. If you’re running a private business, don’t share your website URL with unwanted people.

Organic visitors are best for your website. Lastly, always contact your hosting provider support for such cases. They have years of experience and will help you in every way possible. Just provide a detail description of your problem, and it will be solved.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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