If you’re thinking of starting a new blog, some pages are important for Google Search results. Either your blog is niche specific or targets a broad audience, these pages are important for your WordPress site. Not only this, these pages provide a better image of your blog to a general audience and engage its leads. Pages allow you to add useful information on your website that helps the user to navigate your site freely. Some famous themes like the Job board Theme provide these pages automatically.

In this post, we have shared some of the important WordPress pages that every blog should have.

Why Add Pages on a Blog?

Pages are used to share information with organic users. It contains static high-quality content that is not frequently changing. However, posts contain the dynamic content of your website. Pages are easy to manage on a website thanks to the extensive support of the Content Management System (CMS).

This said, here are some pages that you should add on your website right now!

Important WordPress Pages for your Blog

i) About Us Page

This is a must-have page if you’re running a blog or a brand website. About Us or About Me page shares information of the creator of this website. If you’re selling services then you can include your testimonials, how long are you in the market, or your recent projects. If you’re a product-based company, then you can share your reviews, your website structure and some general information about yourself.

About Us, the page simply means About myself! Add as much information about yourself on this page like your purpose, mission, and values of your product or services.

ii) Contact Us Page

Contact us page allows your user to interact with your website. It is also one of the important pages that your blog should have. It contains a forum or live chat support that your audience can use to engage with your blog. It allows your user to quickly send you a message if they have a question or general query.

It is also one of the best pages to engage your audience for future leads.

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iii) Disclaimer Page

This page is important if you’re earning from your website through monetization, Affiliate, or any other means. This page basically informs your users that you’re using ads or promoting affiliate products on your blog. This page is best to accede your users to buy from your blog.

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iv) Privacy Policy Page

This is a must have page if you want to run your blog in the long run. This page informs the audience how you are managing their privacy. How you are using their information, how you are using cookies, and even if you send your user data to a third-party. If you’re monetizing your content through Google Adsence then you’re required to add a Privacy Policy page on your blog.

v) Terms of Service Page 

As the name suggests, this page explains the terms and services of your website if you’re running an online business. This is like legal documentation of your website that will aid you when needed. There are many online templates that you can use to create this page on your blog.

It provides a safe side of your business that will help you regarding the trademark and copyright infringement.

vi) Custom Error Page 

Whatever theme you’re using, WordPress will automatically turn an Error page into a 404 page. Users find it really annoying when they don’t find information on your site. So it is better that you create a custom 404 error page. Possibilities are endless when it comes to the 404 pages. You can engage your audience to discover new content, check products, or visit some other page.

How Job Board WordPress Theme can Help you Achieve This Goal?

Although there are many pages required for a WordPress blog, these are some important ones. Every small or large business organization is required to have these pages on your website. Using these pages will build a strong relationship with your audience. Job Board WordPress theme will automatically be built these pages for you with all the standard requirements. You don’t have to go to other sources to make your legal documentation. Everything is provided in a stunning layout to build a successful page.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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