Comments are one of the best ways to communicate with your visitors but sometimes it becomes a mess because of the spammy and inappropriate content that they share. If you’re looking for ways to disable comments on your WordPress website then you’re at the right place. Thanks to the high-end customization of WordPress, you can disable comments on your post, pages, media or even completely delete them from your website.

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Why Disable WordPress Comments?

Depending on what kind of website you’re running, there could be several reasons why you should disable WordPress comments. This include

  • Limit Spammy Comments
  • Lower Search Engine Ranking
  • Reputational Risk
  • Harmful to the community or website
  • Hate Speech

You can also disable comments for your custom blog which only lasts for a specified period. This includes promotion or announcement post. Whenever your reason may be, WordPress allows you the full authorization to make changes on your website. Once a user comments on your website, it comes into the review section. Here you can approve it, edit it, or completely delete it. You can also mark the comment as Spam, so the next time when the user posts a comment like this, they will receive an error.

With that said, below we’ve mentioned step by step methods that you can follow to disable WordPress Comments.


How to Disable WordPress Comments?

By default, WordPress Comments are enabled on a website. But an approval system is initiated which won’t publish a comment unless you review it. To start managing your WordPress Comments, go to your Settings > Discussion tab.

1. To Stop all WordPress Comments on future posts

Uncheck the option “allow people to post comments on articles“. This option will disable all WordPress comments on your future post.

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2. To stop comments on a WordPress page

Go to the specified Pages or Blog posts in the WordPress Dashboard and manually clear the visible comments.

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3. WordPress Comments Section

WordPress dashboard has a separate section for Comments. Here you can view all your pending, Approved spam and trash comments. You can also edit a comment and then approve it on your website.

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4. Using the Anti-spam Plugin

Aksimet is a famous WordPress plugin that allows you to control the discussion tab of your WordPress site. The plugin automatically disables all the spam comments.

akismet plugin

There are also other advance methods that you can use, but we don’t want to complicate our guide. We recommend you to use the WordPress Discussion tab or the comment section. If you receive a lot of comments on your website then use a Comment plugin. You can also assign roles to other people to moderate your WordPress comments.

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These are the top working methods that you can use to disable WordPress comments. WordPress comments are good for your website. It provides a positive image of your website to the search engine. But if you ignore them or approve spammed comments, then it will affect your website ranking. We recommend you to check your website daily for comments and approve them on time.

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