Facebook provides its users with full control over their posts and how you can get rid of such negativity. In this article, we have shared a detailed guideline on how you can disable comments on a Facebook post.

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Facebook is a leading social media platform where people from around the globe share their opinion. It ensures that from wherever part of the world you belong too, you always have a voice to express yourself. However, with such relaxation comes different consequences. There are many people that bestow their opinion on any topic without even analyzing the situation. There are many other reasons for this, but in the end, it feels a little muggy to see such a response.

Change Facebook Comments Settings

Facebook is a massive platform and that is fairly popular around the world. This depends on your social gathering and if you have a lot of Facebook friends or followers on your profile. Some of them may comment on something on your post, which becomes a headache to deal with such people.

However, Facebook allows you some privacy settings that you can access from your social account. You can limit your privacy to anyone on your friend’s list or selected people. To do this, follow the method provided below.

Note: This method only works on a Facebook personal profile. There are other ways for business pages and groups.

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How to Turn Off comments on Facebook?

A step by step guide on how you can turn off comments on your Facebook personal account.

  • Login with your Facebook account
  • Go to your account settings
  • On the left panel, click the Public Post option

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  • Click on the Public Post Comments option and select from the privacy option
  1. Public
  2. Friends of Friends
  3. Friends

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Note: The method is the same on a Facebook mobile application.

How to Turn off comments on Facebook Pages and Groups?

  • Select the page or group post that you don’t want to receive comments
  • Click on the three-dotted icon of the post
  • Click on “Turn of Comments

facebook turn off comments on page or group


Facebook provides other options to deal with a specified post and comments on your profile. You can ban a selected person or delete the comment from happening in the first place. On a Facebook post or group, you can restrict people from using a certain word. This comes very handily when you’re managing a business page. If you have other questions regarding the topic, feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

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