How to delete a WordPress theme is one of the many questions people are searching on the internet. People who try themselves to delete the WordPress theme may face lots of trouble because most of the people using WordPress do not have any coding or other software related knowledge.

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Have you ever thought why there is a need for deleting the WP theme? The very simple answer to this question may be like, every single moment WP theme is upgrading and people see that their current theme is not efficient and they need to have a new WordPress theme. In the search for a better WordPress theme, people remove the current theme and place new themes that meet their needs the best.

One important thing to remember is that when you go for deleting a WP theme. Sometimes few WordPress accounts come with a preinstalled theme, first, you have to uninstall it then you can delete that without uninstalling. An already installed theme currently helps you run your WordPress, therefore, uninstall that theme and then you will be able to take action.

How to delete a WordPress theme

There are many ways to delete WordPress theme, however, here in this article, we have chosen the most simple way of all those. The purpose of choosing the easiest one is to make sure that every common user of WP can apply this method to delete a WordPress theme.

Deleting WordPress theme through an admin dashboard

Most of the people prefer to choose this approach because this method is simple to understand. Even if you are a person lacking technical and software skills, you can too apply this method to delete a wordpress theme.

First of all, go to the appearance option and then choose the Theme option that appears after clicking or holding the cursor on appearance option in your WordPress admin theme.

Once you click on the theme, you will get all the themes available on your WordPress account. Select the theme that you want to make changes in or want to directly delete it. You will have three option in the bottom of the webpage that includes, Activate, Live Preview, and at the right bottom corner, you will see the option “Delete”.

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Now, once you press the delete button, a small tab will open asking for confirmation. You just need to click on the OK button you will be done with WordPress delete theme task.

Deleting a theme in WordPress using FTP option

As stated earlier, there are many methods to remove a WordPress, FTP is one of them and it is quite easy. Almost any WordPress user with minimum familiarity with WordPress can apply this method to delete a WordPress theme.

This approach is best in the case if you are not able to get access to the admin dashboard of WordPress due to any reason. However, a little effort will help you with WordPress delete theme activity.

  • First, you have to connect to the WordPress site through an FTP client.
  • Now, go to WordPress Content
  • Then move themes
  • Finally to the folder that contains the WP theme that you want to delete
  • Right Click on the folder and you will get a list of options, choose “Delete

ftp theme delete

Using these simple steps, you can delete a WordPress theme through FTP. It is important to note that different clients have their privacy and rule for giving access to the WordPress files via FTP. Before applying this method, you should know the privacy rule that your client is offering you. Only then, you can access to the content file and delete a WordPress theme.

Deleting a WordPress them via File manager

In case, if you are unable to delete a WordPress theme using an admin account or through FTP then this option is the best for you. You can use the File Manager option present in the hosting dashboard. Moreover, this method is not that difficult, you can use this easily.

  • First, login into your host account dashboard
  • Click on the “Advanced” in the side list of the hosting account dashboard
  • A small window will open with a different option, click on the option “File Manager”

theme file manager

After clicking on the file manager option a new window, having all the folders of the WordPress will open. Once the webserver having all your WordPress theme content is open, now, you can select the theme folder.

Right-click on the folder that you want to remove from your WordPress account. After right-clicking on the folder, a small list will appear with few options. Select the “Delete” option and you are done with the procedure.

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FAQs about deleting a WordPress theme

There are a few questions related to deleting a WordPress theme that most of the people are worried about. In this section of the article, I will address all those questions.

Does deleting a WordPress theme can affect the website?
This one of the essential questions that is a cause of worry for many WordPress users, who thought to change or delete a WordPress theme. Let me clear this confusion for you. Deleting a WordPress theme will never disturb or affect your website. Even if you have made posts on your website using that theme. Your post will not be affected if you delete the theme form your WordPress themes.
What is the easiest method to delete a WordPress theme?
As we mentioned earlier in this article that there are many options to delete a WordPress theme. However, the easiest one is to delete a theme through the admin dashboard. We have explained this method in our article.
Can I delete a WP theme using the hosting dashboard?
Yes, If you are hosting a website of a client and you need to delete a WP theme, you can do this via FTP. The FTP method is thoroughly explained in the starting sections of this article.
Does deleting a WP theme needs some coding skills?
Not at all, you just need to have some basic knowledge about WordPress and you can delete a WP theme easily.
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