WordPress is a famous Content Management System and there are thousands of Websites that use this platform to manage their online presence. It is a great portable tool that offers a lot of credibility and flexibility when it comes to managing your content. There’s a huge collection of Themes and Plugins that itself supports a lot of functions. In addition to this, It provides a one-click install feature for most website resources.

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However, changing your website interface isn’t always as easy as clicking on the Uninstall button. There are some important steps that should be considered first. Changing the WordPress theme is always a challenging task because it requires some technical knowledge of the website backend. In this article, we’ve provided an easy approach to how you can change the WordPress theme.

What to Look for in the new Theme?

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Before jumping into the actual content, there are some important heading that you should consider first. Fortunately, their thousands of multi-purpose themes available for WordPress. It is hard to pick the best option for your website need. Considering you’ve chosen a theme that you think matches your ongoing requirements. Just make sure you follow these points first.

  • Compatibility: Make sure that the theme is retina-ready and is compatible with all screen and sizes.
  • Plugin Support: The theme must support all the current installed plugins on your website.
  • Page Builder: The theme has a built-in page builder that allows you to quickly manage the most important things after the installation.

Once you’ve checked all of these points on your website, let’s jump to the next heading.

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Things to do Before Switching

  • Backup: Make a backup of your full website
  • Record Custom Settings: Make sure that all the custom settings and records are saved
  • Check analytics: Download the report of Analytics or any other tracking support feature

How to Change WordPress Theme

At this point, you’ve selected your new WordPress theme for installation. Let’s cover the switching process now.

Step 1: Backup your Site

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Backup is the most important step because if you messed up at any of the other points, you can easily roll back to the previous state. Backup also ensures that all your website content is saved in your local drive. You can backup your site from your WordPress or your cPanle settings.

Step 2: WordPress Theme Section

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Now head over to the WordPress Theme section. For this, you have to go to the Appearance > Themes section. Here all the themes installed on your website will be available.

Step 3: Install WordPress Theme

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Click on the Upload Theme button and choose the theme file from your local drive. Upload and Install the new WordPress theme on your website.

Step 4: Activate your new WordPress Theme

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This is the most important step in all this, once your new theme is installed click on the Activate button. Go to the Live Preview option to check all the changes and customization options.

Common Mistakes when Changing WordPress Theme

You may face the following errors while changing a WordPress theme

  1. White Screen of Death – This happens when you have a compatibility issue on your website.
  2. 404 Error – It is important that you redirect all the null Pages to 404.
  3. Update WordPress – Update WordPress and all the theme installed.

If you have any questions regarding how to change the WordPress theme, head over to the comment section. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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