A detailed guide on what is an SSL Certificate, how much does it costs and how to renew the certificate after expiry.

SSL certificate

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and highly used browsers used by millions of people worldwide. Chrome labels all websites as insecure if they are not ‘HTTP’ certified. It is also one of the most important factors of Google SERP result and it overall affects your internet rankings whenever your certification period expires.

Other popular browsers like Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge use the same level of security to ensure the user gets the maximum network solution whenever they roam the internet. How one certificate affects the website ranking and why Google flags the website content as harmful. How much does Security Certificate cost and from where we can buy it.

What is an SSL certificate?

The abbreviation SSL and HTTPS stand for Secure Sockets Layer and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure respectively. These are digital certificates that ensure the identity of a website and secure some highlighted features of a user in a database.

These files sometimes store on a user browser as cache and contain important information of a user which includes organization or company information.

Functions of SSL

An SSL certificate provides the following three function on a website

  • It ensures your site safety and protects you from unwanted cyber attacks
  • It shows your website as a secure platform for user and increases your website performance
  • A website with SSL certificate rank higher in Google SERP

Now that we’ve covered what is an SSL certificate, let’s jump to the next topic of our discussion.

Types of SSL Certificate

types of ssl certificate

The SSL certificate that you choose for your website depends on what kind of certificate you’re purchasing and how much the vendor is charging for that particular certificate. The first thing to keep in mind is that there are 3 kinds of SSL certificates from which you can select from.

  1. Domain Validation SSL Certificate

These are the most basic level of SSL certificate and offers the lowest level of security features. However, you can easily buy this certificate from any vendor and some domain registrar provide these for free. These types of certificates are best for information provider’s websites because they don’t collect user information and have an updated policy of GDPR.

  1. Organization Validation SSL Certificate

As the name suggests, this is an organization based certificate that requires a little bit more information from the website owner. As per the new rules of GDPR, you need to verify your domain, hosting, personal and organizational information. This type of certificate is more expensive as compared to DV and provides more safety measures. If you’re a business owner then we suggest you use this certificate.

  1. Extended Validation SSL Certificate

This certificate provides the highest level of security and trust online. These are more expensive, require more website information and are have the most steps to acquire one. EV SSL Certificate shows a green padlock on most browsers and is proven to be ranked higher in Google SERP

How much does an SSL Certificate cost and how can I purchase it?

There is much online domain registrar and hosting providers that offer SSL certificate for your website. Below we’ve mentioned some of the most popular vendors.

ssl certification


GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain and hosting registrar website. It offers discounts on various SSL certificates that you can buy online. Once done, the certificate will be issued within the next few minutes. You can use this certificate on multiple servers, it comes with 256-bit encryption and offers SAN (UCC) support.


BlueHost is another great prominent mention in our list because they offer both domain and website hosting services in affordable packages. You will also get a free basic SSL certificate for your website to ensure you’re secured right from the start. BlueHost also offers manual certificate installation in case you want to upload manual transmission.


Namecheap offers one of the most comprehensive guides on how you can secure a website. The website offers all kinds of SSL certificates and doesn’t affect your wallet whenever you have to buy something. You can get an SSL certificate starting from $8 to $ 70.


One of the oldest vendors in the security industry with thousands of happy clients worldwide. It offers all kinds of SSL certifications including the Wildcards, SGC and SAN. It ranges from $8 up to $300 depending on your level of security.


For small and medium business owners, Comodo offers free and paid SSL certificates. Immediate validation, unlimited revisions, and Secure connection are some of the most prominent features the website offers.


An SSL certificate is important on your website if you want to run your business in the long run. It ensures that your website provides the highest level of security that your visitors need. It is important that you compare the features of different SSL certificates provides to check what best suits your needs. I’m sure by following this guide, you’ve got the idea of how much does an SSL certificate cost.

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