The menace of Global Warming has posed a serious threat to our dear planet, the earth. Owing to global warming, the planet’s temperature has been increasing gradually. It is a need of the hour to take some pragmatic steps to get rid of it. Unless we play our part to make the environment suitable for living, there will be no use to cry over spilled milk. Various countries are making efforts to make the planet livable for the next generation.

Although Global Warming is an international issue that must be addressed, yet various regions of the world have been affected badly. For example, in the south Asian region, Global warming hits badly. Besides country-level measures, everyone should play oneself vital role to eliminate global warming. To make the society awaked, creating a Green WordPress website about this alarming problem can be the best option to reach out to the voice to a large extent.

If you really want to reach your concerns about global warming out then a WordPress Eco-Friendly website can provide a good option for your concerns. We know, computing languages are not easy to learn and it demands time. However, here is good news for you, with the following these WordPress Themes you can build an attractive WP website without having any knowledge of programming. Let’s take in different features of Green WordPress Themes which can help to fight against global warming.

Eco Nature:

Eco Nature WordPress Theme

They aren’t called CMS MASTERS… for nothing. great support to help us along along with the adaptability of the content composser there not much you cant do with a CMS template.

ekomurek, Customer

The developers of the Green WordPress Theme have played their roles well to eliminate global warming and greenhouse gas effects. Their efforts show how much they are concerned with the problem like ticking bombs. Green WordPress Theme allows you to build a website that can serve your motive perfectly in front of the world.

Green WordPress Theme has the following three features that are unparalleled:

This Green WordPress Theme for Nature Website covers all the issues related to the eco-friendly websites. Second, its clean design for the homepage provides unique functionality. As we know that most of the time environment protection society run on charity. By keeping it in view, the Green WordPress Theme for WordPress Website has PayPal integrated system to receive donations from all over the world.

Green WordPress Theme is flexible and adjustable for mobile devices and tablets. Moreover, it supports all the WordPress Plugins and the latest version of WordPress is also supported by it. It has a mega menu option. Moreover, a premium slider is another feature that cannot be passed over. Customization can be done by page builder tool and short-codes.

Theme Features List

  • Easy To Use

  • Fast Website Speed

  • Great Options for Customization

  • Mobile-Friendly WP Theme

  • Attractive Layout

  • Compatible with all reliable plugins

  • Comes with Elementor Pro


Organic Food:

Organic Food WordPress Theme

Great customer support. I had a problem with the slider. Could not find the problem. Without hesitating they solved the problem. Awesome. Thank you very much 🙂

Lomri, Customer

As the name shows that the Green Eco Theme has been developed for nutritionists and health care businesses. It is right to some extent. However, you can use this Green Eco Theme to build a website for an eco-friendly website. Spreading awareness about the deteriorating environment is a tremendous virtue nowadays. By using this Green Eco Theme, you can build a WordPress website that can spread your message about environmental protection all around the world.

Organic Food comes with a different homepage layout and you can use one out of the numerous homepage designs. Al the designs of the homepage are uniquely built. These layouts can serve the actual purpose of your campaign against global warming.

Besides developing an environmental protection website with organic food, you can also make a website about the business of organic food. This Green Eco Theme supports the woocommerce plugin. Moreover, with the help of this Green Eco Theme, a multilingual website can be developed in no time. Yes, it supports WPML addons. You could edit the colors, fonts, and style of the website within a minute without having any technical knowledge.

Theme Features List

  • Specially Designed for Celebrities

  • Extra Demos

  • Customization Tools

  • CSS3 and HTML5

  • Mobile-Friendly Theme

  • Compatibility with all WordPress plugins

  • Booking form

  • Good for Environment related website



FarmVilla WP Theme

Overall great theme, has an awesome variety of visual examples that can be created using the theme, the support has been great and quick to response and deal with issues and small customization’s.

adamski6969, Customer

Greenery is the best combatant against global warming. The Farmvilla Green Eco Theme might be the perfect choice to make a website about environmental protection. Without any shred of doubt, it can be said that Farmvilla Green Eco Theme can be used for greenery purposes. Besides making a website about eco-friendly, this Green Eco Theme can be used to serve as an eCommerce store of different products related to greenery.

To engage the visitors on the website, Farmvilla presents smooth scrolling effects. Moreover, to make the website loading speed smooth, CSS3 coding files have been kept simple. Besides it, HTML5 and bootstrap are the other sharp edges of this Nature Green WordPress theme.

Amazingly, this business WordPress theme is fluid in nature and can be adjusted in the format of the device. Whether your visitor is scrolling the website from mobile or tablet, it provides the same results on all devices without affecting the loading speed and interface. Farmvilla’s helping team is also available to resolve your WordPress green Nature theme problem 24/7.

Theme Features List

  • The best Theme for Celebrities

  • Cut-Down Time

  • Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Light To Load

  • Compatible with all the browsers

  • Easy to Install



Gardening WP Green Theme

I am not too savvy when it comes to web design. I’m definitely learning… but I have to say that they have a superior customer support and the quality of their web templates is amazing. Their job makes my work look very professional. Excellent design.

songsforfilmandtv, Customer

Gardening as a hobby has countless benefits for humans. Gardening helps a man to keep fit in his life. Besides keeping fit, Gardening’s advantages of mental health are also numberless. Apart from the benefits of an individual’s life, Gardening is a supreme way to save our planet from global warming. It is the only effort that can be made by every individual to combat global warming. So, the safest way to protect the earth is a garden at an individual level.

The gardening Green Nature Theme has been promoted by the developed. If you want to develop a website related to gardening then the only Green Nature Theme that can meet all your requirements is Gardening Green Nature Theme. This Green Nature Theme is search engine friendly. Moreover, this theme provides the extra-fast loading speed with mobile flexibility. You can run your website on any browser without affecting the layout and website speed with this Green Nature Theme.

Theme Features List

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly

  • Multi-Purpose Theme

  • Mobile Friendly WP Theme

  • Extra Homepage Layouts

  • Compatible with other Page Builder Tools

  • Responsive, flexible, and adjustable



RawOrganic WordPress Theme

Support takes a while but the author replies to any request.
The theme is well built even though it’s not possible to have a dropdown menu on the top bar of the header.

matia12, Customer

RawOrganic Green Nature Theme is actually developed after observing the demands of the online store of organic foods. RawOrganic Green Nature theme comes with 5 homepages layouts. Out of these 5 homepage layouts, you can choose one design. Moreover, an amalgamation of all the 5 designs can result in a new and unique layout which can be helpful to attract the visitors.

To make the store more engaging, the Green Nature Theme has different sections to showcase different items online. Responsiveness and adjust-ability add more value to the WordPress Eco-Friendly Theme. You can customize the WordPress Eco-Friendly Theme in various ways.

For example, if you have a knowledge of computing languages then its easy documentation allows you to edit the theme according to your desire. Aside from the computing language, the layout of this WordPress Eco-Friendly Theme can be changed with WpBakery page builder tool.

Elementor page builder can also be used for this purpose. Different attributes of this WordPress Eco-Friendly Theme can be shown effectively with slide revolution.

Variant headers and footer styles push visitors to stay on the website for a longer period. Countless choices from the Google fonts assist you to make an attractive website for users.

To grab the traffic from a different search engine, it has been developed as an SEO friendly WordPress Theme that helps to rank you above in Google.

Theme Features List

  • 100% Responsive Design

  • Compatible with WPBakery, Elementor

  • Multi Page

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • WpBakery and Elementor compatible



Organik Theme

Very pleased with the quality of products and I would like to note suport works very quickly.

Thanks to the authors for the good work!

balki58, Customer

Like the RawOrganic WordPress Eco-Friendly Theme, the Organik theme is also an ultimate choice for the eCommerce store. However, the Organik WP theme can be used for multi-purposes. This WordPress Eco-Friendly Theme cannot be bounded only for organic foods only. You can sell bakery products on the website by using a WordPress Green Theme easily. It has 6 beautiful styles for a homepage. One layout, called Home Farm, can be used for farming purposes. Home Farm gives an idea to create a website on eco-friendly.

For easy customization of the Organik WordPress Green Theme, the visual composer has been provided as a drag and drop page builder tool. Besides this method of editing the layout of the WordPress Green Theme, the Organik theme has understandable coding files that can be edited breezily.

Light CSS3 and HTML5 coding give to enhance the overall website performance. Besides visual composer premium plugin, the package of the Organik WordPress Green Theme includes a premium slider revolution WordPress Green Theme also.

Theme Features List

  • Pre-Built Website Demo

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • Integrated Page Builder

  • Numerous Page Layouts

  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

  • Fast Speed Website

  • Multi-purpose eCommerce store


RT-Theme 19:

RT-Theme 19

My site ended up breaking the other day, so i had to re-do it all then i noticed i hvaen’t rated it. Very happy with the theme! Never had any issues with it.

asfranco, Customer

RT-Theme 19 is not specifically designed for Eco-friendly websites. Nevertheless, it is a WordPress Green Theme. Either you want to create a website for health purposes or Construction Company is to be run, this Best WordPress Green Theme will provide attractive layouts for your every purpose.

The beauty of this WordPress Green Theme is that it is easy to learn and building a website with this Nature Green theme is a trouble-free task to perform. Out of numerous layouts, you can choose one demo and can be installed in one click in a minute.

Unless you like any Pre-built demo of the RT-Theme 19, you can edit the Best WordPress green Theme according to your wish.

Mobile, search engine and all browser friendliness make the site more advisable for wise bloggers and businessmen.

Theme Features List

  • Highly Customizable Theme

  • Pre-Built Demos

  • Multi-Purpose Theme

  • Latest Version of WPbakery Plugin will be provided

  • Responsive For All Devices

  • Multi-Language support theme with WPML

  • Drag & Drop Builder



CiyaShop Theme

I’m neither an amateur nor a professional, but somewhere in between. I’ve tinkered with websites for years, but mostly for my own entertainment.

I am starting a new business though and what I did not have was a lot of time, so I opted for a more professional solution for my new business site but needed something I was familiar with.

sam gluck, Customer

Ciyashop name shows the purpose of the Best WordPress green Theme. Again, it is also a Best WordPress green Theme for an eCommerce store. You can build any type of eCommerce store by using this WP theme. Health products, shoes, clothes, and organic food can be sold out by using this WordPress theme on your eCommerce website.

Responsiveness, adjustability, fast loading speed, and attractive looks are the features of the Ciyashop WordPress Nature Theme that is worth to mention here.

Moreover, video tutorials and 24/7 support make the website easily. Installation or import of the website is a trouble-free job to perform. In short, you will get everything in the Ciyashop WordPress Nature Theme whatever you are looking for building an eCommerce store.

Theme Features List

  • Multipurpose WordPress Theme

  • Outstanding Support Service

  • WPBakery Page Builder Tool

  • All Devices Friendly

  • Frequent Updates

  • An excellent option to build an eCommerce store



Gaea WP Theme

Very good theme, great/speedy support service. Future updates planned by authors are also very promising, that this theme should last long enough.

Tonedesign, Customer

Gaea WordPress Nature Theme uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework. This multipurpose Theme has been built to develop a non-profitable and environmental website. This retina-ready theme for Green Nature Website comes with 7 layouts for a homepage.

Interestingly, the Gaea Nature WordPress theme is compatible with almost all of the WordPress plugins like Contact Form 7, Woocommerce, WPML, WPbakery, Visual composer, and Elementor. Moreover, this WordPress Nature Theme Gaea has a full-width calendar for event tracking.  

Colors and font selection with the Gaea WordPress Nature Theme are more than fun. Amazingly, this WordPress Nature Theme has integrated Google Maps. Google Maps provides a reliability factor to the visitors of your website.

Your visitors will equally enjoy scrolling on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Theme Features List

  • Responsive Theme

  • Easy To Customize

  • Mobile-Friendly WP Theme

  • Numerous options to customize

  • WP plugins Supported


Organic Web Shop:

Organic Web Store

The author responded that there will be updates in the future. So I take back my first rating.

susangood155, Customer

The organic web shop will give you an easy solution to sell out foods, fruits, cosmetics, seeds, and coffee. By using this Eco Green Nature Theme, building an online store for different organic products is no longer a problem.

The available pre-built demos are enough to attract your attention, however, if you want to make more changes then premium visual-composer will provide an easy customization options. Moreover, it parallax scrolling effect and premium slider revolution are the other factors to make the website more engaging.

The loading speed of the website, using the Organic Web shop, is amazing. This Eco Green Nature Theme will not allow decreasing the loading speed of the website. Different sections and segments for user review and photo gallery have also been provided in this Eco Green Nature Theme.

Theme Features List

  • Fast Browsing Speed

  • Well Optimized

  • Best Performance

  • All Device Friendly

  • WP Plugins Supported

  • CSS3 & HTML5 Coding

  • 10+ ready-to-use templates in Visual Composer



Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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