Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are two of the most widely used graphic software in the industry. They both have a massive fan following for graphic programming.

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If you’re a graphic design enthusiast than you can skip this article. However, if you’re in the search for finding the difference between photoshop and illustrator, you’ve arrived at the right place. In this article, we’ve shared a detailed guideline on how you can specify which Adobe graphic tool is best for you.

Difference between illustrator and Photoshop

Most people think that both software performs the same task and they are right in a scene that the interface of both programs is identical. But it is what the inside of the programs that are different. Before we jump into the actual content, first understand a little bit about both program and their usage.

What is the illustrator?

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Illustrator is a popular name in vector, banner and logo design software market. In simple terms, it is a vector graphic editor that was officially designed for Apple Macintosh by Adobe. Since the release of the program back in 1985, it has received various software updates and the recent stable release is CC 2020.

What is Photoshop?

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Photoshop is a popular name for photo editing and was originally designed for Windows and macOS back in 1988. Unlike illustrator, Photoshop is a raster graphics editor.

Illustrator vs Photoshop – Some Highlighted Features

Illustrator Photoshop
Born 1987 1990
Most Used For Vector Based Graphics Pixel Based Graphics
Zoom Sharp and Clear Blurry and Messy
Artboard Multiple Artboard Single Canvas
Clipping Mask Mask above the object Mask below the object
Selection Object Selection Area Selection
Workspace Can work outside Can work within
Layers Contain multi objects Contain single object

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Illustrator vs Photoshop: How to pick the best one?

If you’re new into the graphic industry than the basic question that comes in your mind would probably which tool you should first master. The answer to this question depends on your usage and demand. If you want to get expertise in image editing than go for Photoshop. For image creation purposes, illustrator it is. Below we have discussed these points in a more explanatory view.

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When to use Photoshop?

  • Photoshop’s primary goals are image editing, But it has various tools for other purposes.
  • Apart from editing, it is best to use when you want to make a certain correction on an image. Like changing the border or removing an object, etc.
  • If your artwork is raster based, Photoshop it is.
  • Apart from this, basic vector artwork can be utilized too.

When to use Illustrator?

  • When you want to create something from scratch.
  • It is more flexible in terms of design, can be used with stylus or Pen.
  • Plenty of tools to create a logo or vector design
  • Mostly used for creating brochures, annual reports, infographics, etc.
  • Plugins are available for additional tools.


So to conclude the comparison topic, I hope that you will be able to justify which tool is best for you. If you’re still confused about which one is best, just head over to the official Adobe website and download both the tools. Both tools provide a free trial for 7 days.

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