A basic challenge most beginners face is that they don’t know how they can Choose a Website Hosting. Even some believe that it requires special technical skills to do this task. That’s simply not true. If someone guides you properly, and you choose the right steps, it’s a simple task. In most cases, it is just as simple as creating a social account.

In this guide, we have shared a beginner’s guide on how you can host a website in 2020, without having technical skills.

Understanding the basics of a Website

If you’re thinking of starting a website, then there are two things that you might look into.

  • A Domain Name

A domain name uniquely identifies your website on the internet. It is like an address that your browser visits first and then loads the content.

  • A Website Hosting

A web hosting is a ready to use server to host a website on the internet. We have explained this term, further below.

What does Website Hosting mean?

A website contains content that you have to store on a physical drive. You can also host a website on a personal computer, but what happens when your PC runs into some trouble. What happens when there’s an electricity outage? And are you able to run your PC 24/7?

For this, many companies provide a space where you can host or in simple terms, store your website content.

A web server’s basic job is to receive incoming requests from users, and respond to them by sending the requested page. However, don’t lose yourself here. All the backend work is handled by special software.

All websites on the internet are using web hosting. Even tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix use website hosting servers.

How to get started? (Choosing a Website Hosting)


To get started, first you need a domain name. Second, you need to buy web hosting. We recommend you to buy both of these services from one website. Now select the type of hosting you want for your website.

Types Of Hosting For A Website

  • Shared Hosting

Used for small blogs, websites, and businesses. Mostly a single server hosts multiple websites. Price is cheap as compared to others.

  • VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is also a shared website hosting, but with some additional features. For example, it has more space and can handle large traffic daily. It costs a little more than shared hosting.

  • Managed Hosting

A specific hosting service made specifically for a WordPress website. In this type of hosting, the company takes care of updates, caching and backup of your website. Somewhat similar to shared hosting price.

  • Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server hosting gives you the entire server exclusively for you. It has advanced tools for installation, management, and updates. You can also run your operating system in this type of hosting plan. So, you’re required to have some technical knowledge to run these servers.

It Costs more than any other hosting plan and is best suitable for enterprise-level business, and eCommerce stores.

How to choose best type of Website Hosting plan?

For Beginner

We recommend you to use Shared hosting for your website or blog. Some basic functionalities are 20GB SSD space, 100% Uptime, Unmetered Bandwidth, and 3 Hosted Domain. Just visit your favorite hosting provider, place the order, buy a domain, and follow the instructions provided on the reseller website.

Doing all this requires a lot of time, effort and some technical skills. You can also watch videos provided by your reseller to get started with the hosting plan. It’s never too late to start your own website, and we wish you the best of luck during the process.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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