In this article, we gathered all the information for those people who buy an amazing theme for their Tumblr blog and are unaware of how to change the Tumblr theme.

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We will help you achieve your goal through the easy and stepwise approach. I hope you will find no difficulty in the application of this information. If you’re looking for a new theme or are tired of using the same default one, Tumblr never restricts.

It is a fully customizable and you make changes any time according to your wish. The main purpose of offering this much customization option is to make your thoughts and ideas come into existence.

Webmaster design the themes of Tumblr and there are different pros and cons of every theme. If you choose a theme for Tumblr from one of the makers then it is possible that after a while, you see a different theme that has a better layout and design then the one you are using now.

If you are unaware of the process of changing a theme on Tumblr, you will be in trouble. Therefore, this article holds special importance to keep your Tumblr blog updated and optimized for better performance. You will know about the best themes only when you try different themes. Just sticking to the one theme will not offer any improvements to your blog.

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Descriptive Steps on How to Change Tumblr Theme

These steps can lead to change your Tumblr theme with HTML code. The selection of words and orderly steps makes the application of these steps more easy and accurate.

Step 1:

First, open your customization page on Tumblr. There are two ways to reach the customization page. One goes to, this is very short and simple. Second, you can go to the “Username” at the top portion of your Tumblr dashboard. Then click on the option, “Edit Appearance”.

Edit Theme Menu

Step 2:

In this step, you have to click on the “Edit Theme” button that you see after following the first step. You can now select what you want to make as your Tumblr theme. Once you are done with the selection of the theme, click on the option “Edit HTML” you will find this option in the bottom portion of the Theme menu.


Step 3:

There are different codes on which a Tumblr theme sits on that include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It uses a standard coding matrix behind each of the sections and posts depending upon the outlook and type of content. There are different codes for each type of content present on your blog. If you are trying to find a portion or entity on your blog, the browser uses the “find” feature to be able to drive out the words in HTML coding.

Find tab

Step 4:

The fourth step includes the insertion of custom HTML to bring customization as per your wish. If you create a new style sheet for your Tumblr theme, the best way to do it adds it at any point in the area between opening tags and closing tags for the header portion of the document. There are no restrictions over the formatting of your stylesheet, you can add as many objects as you want to.


Step 5:

Now you have to add HTML elements with the help of the “Style” tag to make any required change in your theme. For example, if you want to change the color of the font on your page then you need to modify the HTML tag. Likewise, for every kind of change on the Tumblr theme need to make some changes in the coding matrix that are running at the back of the web page.

update preview

Step 6:

Finally, you can see all the changes you made to your Tumblr theme. To observe the changes you have made through following all the five steps mentioned above, click on the “Update Preview“. Once you are sure that you made all the need changes to your Tumblr theme you have click on the option “Save”, this complete the process and fix the changes until next time you decide to make any other changes to your Tumblr theme.

save changes

By following this step, you can easily change your Tumblr theme. You can also use the “Browse theme” button to upload your favorite theme from the internet.

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