If you want to engage your audience by proving them a platform for related conversation then WordPress bbPress themes would be the best option to continue with. From the following list of the best WordPress BBPress themes, you can browse and find the desired theme for setting up a forum into your blog.

You can boost up your business by creating a forum for your visitors. Interestingly, with bbPress WordPress themes, creating a forum or community page doesn’t demand any type of coding and don’t need to be an expert in any computing language. A forum or community page with all authorization can be created by clicking a few buttons.

Best bbPress Themes:

The following list of bbPress Forum WordPress themes is especially compiled for the people who want to develop their brand by engaging the visitor on the forum page of their website. Let’s analyze how the following themes are beneficial for your business and website.



They were the best support of guys, solving my problems quickly and correctly.
Solving problems requires some patience, and you need to have some basic knowledge.
Beyond that, no one can really help you.

Zeppelinsed , Customer

Oswad is a multi-purpose bbPress Forum theme. You can build a professional website with a lot of customization options in it. Whether you want to edit its header or footer, it provides you a large number of customization options. Apart from header and footer, you can change the color of the website. Moreover, there are also 600+ Google fonts available to you for this bbPress WordPress theme.

This theme’s package comes with a premium WPbakery theme option. WPbakery is a page builder tool and by drag and drop, you get your favorite designs landing page.

Creating a bbPress forum for your website becomes very simple with this bbPress WordPress theme. You can create a responsive and visitor-friendly forum for your bbPress Forum website.

Moreover, it can work for mobile, tablets and desktop equally without affecting the performance of your bbPress website.

Theme Features List

  • A large number of customization options

  • Premium WPbakery theme

  • Responsive for all devices

  • Simple Forum Creation

  • Available At reasonable Prices

  • SEO & Google Analytics ready

  • Theme Customizer Support




Even better, the support staff have always been quick and extremely thorough when answering my questions. They know their stuff, and they’re always supportive and forthcoming with insight.

MemoryExpress, Customer

HelpGuru might be the best WordPress bbPress Forum theme if you want to do theme customization at a large level regardless of any specific skills. So, if you are not a coding master and still want to develop a bbPress Forum & Community website that has amazing features then HelpGuru might be the best option to create such a type of website.

In theme customization, you can use drag and drop tools to get the desired page without spending a lot of time on it. Besides its own page builder tool, other page-builders can be used to design a layout of the landing page. Furthermore, it supports almost all WordPress plugins.

Besides its diverse customization options, you can create a clean and user-friendly forum where you can engage your audience in the best way.

The website speed with this bbPress Forum theme is exemplary. Moreover, a visitor can enjoy the same benefits of the website on mobile. Moreover, your visitor can read and rate the blog articles on your bbPress Forum WordPress website.

Theme Features List

  • High level of Customization

  • Using and building a blog with it is really simple

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Pocket-Friendly

  • Readers-friendly theme

  • Professional looks




Great and complete theme for “building” a community. The main work is already done, you only have to fill it with your own content. It’s very easy to implement and the support is outstanding. I would gladly give it ten stars. I recommend this author and theme!

Ohyesofcourse, Customer

OneSocial signal is one of the best bbPress Forum WordPress themes among other bbPress Forum WordPress themes that provide an option to create a forum.

The first thing that cannot be ignored is its simple user interface. By using simply designed and easy-to-use interface, visitors can be a fan of your brand. Its simple forum’s user interface permits every visitor to log-in and takes part in the fruitful discussion of the blog.

Easy login and easy way to interact with other people places this WordPress Forum theme above par. Moreover, owing to its page loading speed, Google loves this bbPress WordPress theme. Aside from its page-loading speed, another factor that makes this more loveable is its mobile-friendliness. Owing to mobile-friendliness, users feel super easy to use the website at their mobiles.

Theme Features List

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • This theme doesn’t affect the website’s speed negatively

  • No need to be a computing language expert

  • User-Friendly Forum



LeadEngine WP Theme

One of the best themes I’ve worked with for WordPress, great look&feel, good customisability and numerous ready-made content blocks. Support is helpful and quick to reply to questions.

marketingdruid, Customer

Here is another feature-rich theme. The developers of the LeadEngine bbPress Forum theme make it highly mobile-friendly. The usage of CSS3 and HTML5 languages makes this bbPress WordPress theme more desirable. Owing to advanced language and technology, this theme is extra light and gives positive factors to the website speed.

Thet users’ interface of the forum is highly friendly and easy. A visitor can easily use it the forum of this WordPress bbPress theme without having sound knowledge of websites and the internet. The login process is extremely easy, nevertheless, for avoiding spam, it can be more complicated in your setting.  Moreover, LeadEngine provides a high level of moderation and authority to the admin penal. You can trace, delete, and edit every comment in the forum WordPress Theme.

Aside from its forum usability, it has a handy page-builder tool. With its handy page builder tool, you can build a landing page as per your required design by just drag and drop. Yes, there is no need to develop knowledge about coding.

Premium slider with fullscreen adjustment and mega menu option is the other feature that is being offered by LeadEngine.

Theme Features List

  • Responsive Theme

  • CSS3 and HTML5 Coding

  • Clean & Understandable Codes

  • Responsive for all the websites

  • Premium Slider

  • Handy and easy to use Page Builder




This was my first WordPress build and I must admit that I picked a full-featured theme to cut my teeth on. Support by Torbara has been good and response time is generally very quick.

ggipson, Customer

In today’s world, the internet has shrunk distances and the world has become a global village. A website with a forum page helps to bring the people close by holding dialogs with each other. The WordPress bbPress Forum theme such as boss has also a great option to create a forum for your website with BuddyPress integration.

To make the bbPress forum more user-friendly, you can bring several important changes in customization of the Boss bbPress Forum Theme. You can customize colors, photos, and logos of the website.

It is a matter of fact that on the forum, people with different languages want to communicate with each other, however, the language barrier doesn’t allow communicating the people on a certain forum.  Boss resolves this problem and allows a visitor to communicate in any language due to its language translation attribute.

Theme Features List

  • Different customization options

  • User-Friendly Theme & Forum

  • Multi-Language Supported Theme

  • Available at an affordable price with amazing features

  • Easy to Use and Handle

  • Responsive for all devices



Multi News

Greatest Theme Ever!!, with great support.

Thank you so much for your support, time, and efforts.

Moesof, Customer

As the name shows that the MultiNews theme is being used for news & magazines’ websites for years.

Creating a forum on a news website can attract more visitors might be the best idea. On a forum of news websites, people can interact and discuss different political issues and celebrities. That is why, if you have a plan to start a news website than it would be a great idea to create a news website with a forum.

What MultiNews bbPress Forum theme offers is the basic question that should be answered here.

As we have discussed above, this bbPress theme allows you to create a forum WordPress Theme where your visitor can discuss different issues. Moreover, the forum, offered by MultiNews Community Theme,  is user-friendly and a beginner can also interact with other people easily.

Mobile-friendliness is another feature that cannot be ignored while purchasing any bbPress Forum & Community theme. This WordPress Community theme is also responsive in nature and much flexible for mobile, tablets, and computers.

With MultiNews, you can get a premium WPBakery page builder. By using this page builder, you will get a page design that you want to develop.

Theme Features List

  • User-Friendly Forum Interface

  • Premium WPBakery

  • Responsive and flexible

  • Best Theme for News Websites

  • Premium Features & Plugins



One Theme

I first had tried “Candy” from a different developer which was a disaster. “One” is solid and easy to handle even for somebody will medium skills like me.

Thomasjanson, Customer

“One” shows high diversity in its usage and can be used for multi-niches website. Its smartly built page builder can deliver a professional look to your website. A diverse range of customization options enables you to make an eye-catching website.

Woocommerce website can be built with this WordPress bbPress Forum theme. You can also build an informational blog, a news website with this theme.

With bbPress integration, a user-friendly website can be generated. Where visitor of your blog can discuss the related topics.

The mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of this forum WordPress theme are the other characteristics of this bbPress theme.

CSS3 and HTML5 coding techniques have been used to develop this bbPress WordPress theme.

Theme Features List

  • Professional Look

  • WooCommerce Plugin

  • Mobile-Friendly Theme

  • User-Friendly Forum

  • A lot of options to customize

  • Multi Usage





Navz786, Customer

Jollyany is a multi-purpose WordPress Community theme. Whether you want to develop a website for your business like Dental Clinic or want to make a responsive website for an educational website, Jollyany serves the best. The design of this bbPress WordPress theme is professional and gives a reliable and credible look to its visitors.

Besides its professional look, it is easy to achieve the desired design with it. It has clean and easy coding files of CSS3 and HTML5 which can be edited easily. Amazingly, if you don’t know the computing languages then it will offer a drag and drop landing page tool.  With this helpful tool, a newbie can also develop a landing page without any difficulty.

The forum interface of this Community WordPress theme is also amazing and visitor would love to visit your website times and again.

The flexibility of this bbPress Forum WordPress theme adds more value to this theme. So, use your website on a mobile, tablet, or a desktop, responsive of this theme astonishes you.

Theme Features List

  • Fully Responsive Layout

  • CSS3 and HTML5

  • Bootstrap

  • Easy and clean coding file

  • Multi-Purpose Theme

  • Customization is Easy

  • Compatible with most of the WordPress plugins




Actually, all of the details are awesome. Congrats! Jacob is fairly active on the support forum and has helped with a few customizations which I really appreciate.

rodcul, Customer

With bbPress integration, another magazine theme is also available for you. Like many other professional themes, Sparkle is also a multipurpose theme.

The developers of this theme have used the bootstrap 3 framework which is highly responsive in use. Various Search Engine Optimization options are also kept in mind while developing this bbPress theme. For example, mobile-friendliness and website speed are the two factors of SEO and it has positive impacts on these factors of SEO.

Customization of this bbPress Forum & Community WordPress theme can be done by Wpbakery or Elementor plugins. Moreover, a large number of website customization options are also available in the forum WordPress theme setting.

Sparkle theme is compatible with all WordPress plugins.

Theme Features List

  • Bootstrap 3 Framework

  • Easy to Customize

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Light in Loading

  • Compatible with all the WordPress plugins




Customer support answered my two requests within “minutes” … great theme, great extras included e.g. Visual Composer and other WP Plugins

ElmerSeeStead, Customer

Omega theme is famous for its multi-purpose nature. You can make a professional look website without putting hard efforts with Omega.

Mobile-friendliness is the main feature of this WordPress Forum theme which is optimized while the development of this theme. Yes, this bbPress theme is highly optimized for mobiles and tablets.

You can build a website to sell your different products by installing and activating the woocommerce.

Besides woocommerce plugins, you can also use other WordPress plugins with it.

Compatibility with all the plugins and flexibility with all the devices are two main attributes of this theme that are matchless.

Similar to any other high profile WordPress Community theme, Omegas also presents tons of customization options with its page builder tool. Furthermore, you can also customize your design by editing its CSS3 and HTML5 files. So, if you have a knowledge of programming and computing languages then Omega provides the best option to customize with its clean CSS3 and HTML5 files.

Theme Features List

  • Modern Responsive Design

  • Multi-Purpose Theme

  • Woocommerce compatibility

  • HTML5 & CSS3 magic

  • Flexibility for all the themes



Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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