An auction would be the best option to sell out any possession for sellers as well as for buyers. The history of Auction is as old as mankind. However, there is a big difference between auction of old ages and today’s auction.

As we all know that the internet, mobile, and laptops have changed the momentum of every business. Now you don’t need to go anywhere to buy your favorite products because of the availability of all the products at doorstep.

Auction WordPress Themes marked a new era in the world business. With the help of all WordPress Themes, making a website is no longer a problem. Currently, every business demands its online presence.

So, if you want to build a website where you want to Auction WordPress Theme different possession then following Auction WordPress Themes for Auction will be the great choice to turn your idea into reality.


AdForest Theme

There response time for a ticket is speedy. Their problem-solving skill is tremendous.

emas_iot, Customer

AdForest Auction WordPress Theme has been using by more than 36000 business owners. It comes with 12+ demo, and every demo will make you astonished because of its look. You can select one DEMO for your auction business, you think suitable for you.

Besides 12 DEMOS of this Auction WordPress Theme, you have a lot of options to customize. Whether you want to change the color or font of your auction website theme, all the customization is available at one click.

AdForest Auction WordPress Theme has packed with numberless features, which help to create a stunning website. You can add the custom location of your office. Moreover, for your visitor, you can add a registration form. As we know that for Auction WordPress Theme different currencies are desirable. To meet this demand, AdForest offers different currency options.

To make effective communication with your visitors, chat and messaging system has also been introduced in this Auction WordPress Theme.  Additionally, you need not worry about the loading speed of the website. You will get perfect values at GTMetrix after using this Auction WordPress Theme.

Theme Features List

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • 12 DEMOs

  • Tons of Customization options

  • Visitor Registration Form

  • Fast Loading Speed

  • Bidding Option



AdForest WordPress Theme

I am very satisfied by the customer support of JoinWebs team who replied and resolved the issues promptly every time. Thanks

mkashifiqbal, Customer

HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 3.3.7 are the advanced technologies (computing languages), make this WordPress Auction Theme, fast, and user-friendly. You can add your office location on your business website by using this WordPress Auction Theme. Yes, Classify is GEO-Location supported theme via Google Maps.

Besides holding an auction on the website, Classify is equally beneficial for an eCommerce store. By using the woo-commerce plugin, a good-looking online store can be built with this WordPress Auction Theme. You can add pricing plan table with Classify, which will help to analyze the prices of different products.

Owing to its compatibility with WPML, you can make a website in different languages. The features of classify never end here, integrated social icons for social sharing are beneficial to make your posts viral. In addition, classify comes with a user-friendly dashboard.

Theme Features List

  • Numerous homepage variants

  • Fast Loading

  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.3.7

  • Responsive and flexible

  • Pricing Table

  • Google Maps can be integrated



Auction Theme

I struggled with installation but found the problem was with my server. Thereafter it installed within minutes. Looks good.

zindadil, Customer

As the name shows that this WordPress Auction Theme is specially designed for the Auction-websites. By using this WordPress auction theme, you can construct an Auction WordPress website where Auction can be held in a fascinating way. Like any other WordPress Auction Themes, Domain Auction theme is not lagging behind in any features.

Whether you want to develop an Auction WordPress website in French language or German language is your first priority, WordPress Auction Theme provides the multilingual WordPress website option. Additionally, you can build an eCommerce store by using this business WordPress theme because it supports the woo-commerce WordPress Plugin.

For easy customization, Auction theme offers a drag and drop page builder. Besides the page builder tool, you can customize your WordPress website’s layout by using shortcodes, offered by WordPress Auction Theme.

Clean and well-documented codes are the other options to make customization for a WordPress website.  Auction theme’s flexibility for all the devices is exemplary. The visitors will enjoy the same attributes on mobile as on the desktop. Besides its compatibility with page builder and woo-commerce, a premium slider allows you to present your business in an exemplary way.

Theme Features List

  • A perfect option for Auction websites

  • Fixable Theme

  • Premium Slider

  • WooCommerce compatible

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool

  • Extra fast loading speed

  • Premium Slider for Homepage Header



Classiera WP Theme

superb work and finally after 1 month I am giving this rating. kudos to this team

sammydas, Customer

Classiera is not developed for only for auction websites. You can build a multi-purpose WordPress website by using this Penny Auction Theme alone. Initially, it came only with 09n prebuilt DEMOs, however, after frequent updates, Classiera Penny Auction Theme now comes with more than 15 DEMOs. Out of these 15 DEMOs, you can use one demo which attract you the more.

Its intelligent search option is unparalleled. Similar to the above-mentioned Penny Auction Themes, Classiera Penny Auction Theme has also Google Maps integration settings. Its Pay per Post features tells the price of per post according to the category, set by Admin. Its bidding module for auction is also amazing and eye-opening.

Besides all these features, it has different other features like List and Grid View, intelligent and advanced search bar, and responsiveness.

Theme Features List

  • 15 prebuilt DEMOs

  • Intelligent Search Bar Option

  • Google Maps Integration

  • Pay Per Post

  • Easy to Use

  • Bidding Module



Essential WP Theme

Only off the shelf theme I’ve found that does EVERYTHING that I needed for my business.

nolegsco, Customer

By using Essential Top Auction WP Theme, you can build a WordPress website for auction or eCommerce theme store can also be constructed with it.

Essential WordPress theme is also loaded with different attributes. You can customize your WordPress website easily by using this Auction WordPress theme. Essential WordPress theme is compatible with almost all the versions of WordPress.

Aside from compatibility of all the versions of WordPress, Essential WordPress theme supports all the WP plugins like; WooCommerce 2.6+, WPML, Contact Form 7, and Smush.

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, it comes with two types of sliders. These sliders can help you to showcase and boost your business in a better way. Mega-Menu availability of this auction theme is also another sharp edge of Top Auction WP Theme.

When it comes to its customization, you will be astonished to know that customization of it is simple and a kid-paly. By using drag and drop page builder tool, customization and editing of this Top Auction WP Theme is just a breeze. Customization through shortcodes is another option to make the website more stunning.

Flexibility, extra fast loading, clean and understandable coding are the other features that make it a desirable Top Auction WP Theme for an Auction website.

Theme Features List

  • 2 Type Sliders

  • Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress

  • 2 Homepages

  • Mega-Menu

  • A lot of Customization Options

  • Flexible and Responsive



Motors WP Theme

Great theme and great support , i got a very fast response and solve my issues in a record time, highly recommended

rsandoval, Customer

A website related to Auction of all types of vehicles can be built on Motors Responsive Auction Theme. Motors Responsive Auction Theme has 14 DEMOs to give an idea for building a wordpress website. You can import any of the DEMO by clicking a button. Moreover, by mixing different elements of all the DEMOs you can generate a unique style.

If you want more editing in the Responsive Auction Theme, its clean and well-documented codes allow you to edit the design and layout without putting hard efforts. Its smartly built page builder is another option to edit and customize a wordpress website. Google Maps integration helps the users to find your location easily.

Interestingly, it offers the PayPal payment method. For making the wordpress website more secure against spam activity, Motors Auction Website Theme introduces the Captcha option in it. You can assign a separate segment for customer reviews in Motors Auction Website Themes. Additionally, its video tutorial and ultimate guide make it super easy to build a wordpress website even for a beginner.

CSS3 makes it ultra-fast in loading. HTML5 and CSS3 are also responsible for its flexibility for all the devices.

Theme Features List

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Easy To Editing

  • 14 pre built website ideas

  • PayPal options

  • Supports WPML plugin

  • Captcha

  • CSS3 and HTML5



Adifier WP Theme

This is a very good theme and extremely easy to set up. Just import the demo data and chose one of the many templates and there you go…

azee1, Customer

Adifier has multiple DEMOs Auction Website Theme. For the Auction website, Adifier Auction Website Theme can be one of the best options to choose from. Aside from using this WP auction theme for an Auction website, you can use it for other purposes. Adifier has an option to charge from the users as Pay per Post.

Unlike other top 10 auction themes, this WP Auction theme is compatible with MapBox. Various Auction Website Themes are compatible with Google Maps, however, it supports the MapBox which assists you to create an easy location of your office.

To engage the visitor, it presents the chat and messaging option. Above all, it has an advanced search option to facilitate the visitors more. Surprisingly, it offers different styles of headers in it. Whether you want a transparent header or full dark header is your choice, Adifier gives all the options for you.

Theme Features List

  • Visitor-Friendly Theme

  • Good for Auction Website

  • Cross Browser themes

  • Compatible with all WP plugins

  • Advanced Search bar

  • Various header options



Classifieds Theme

Previously rated this theme 1 star – Now rating 5 stars again as all the issues we were having have been fixed and our site looks amazing again. The previous 1 star was due to the developer not being very helpful in determining what the issue was with the theme.

mvkingsley, Customer

If you want to show classified ads on your Auction Business website then Classifieds Professional Auction Theme can do this job in a pretty way. Classifieds Professional Auction Themes meet all the demands of the modern web page structure.

Demos of Classifieds top theme is easy to install and import. You can import the demo of this Professional Auction Theme by clicking a button and your Auction Business website is ready with a dummy content. Replace your content with a dummy content. So, making a website with Classifieds are fun.

Its understandable coding format allows editing the layout breezily. Moreover, the design of the professional website can be customized with the help of WPBakery and the Eelemetor page builder tool.

Owing to the CSS3 and HTML5 codings, it is flexible and fast loading speed. By using this Multipurpose Theme, you will never face the problem of loading the website because of its simple CSS3 coding.

Theme Features List

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • Mobile and tablet friendly

  • Wpbakery and Elementor compatible

  • CSS3 and HTML5

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Fast speed

  • Easy customization



Trade WP Theme

The customer support is out of this world great! I never worry if I have a struggle because customer support is always there to help!

mbanchik, Customer

Auctions always provide a win-win situation to buyers and sellers, The online Auction system is not too old, and however, it grasps the market nowadays. Online Auction System is a trend now. If you also want to develop a website, where the auction of different types of possession can be processed then Best Auction Theme can be an option for us.

Its top features include Visual Composer page builder. With this amazing tool, designing an astonishing website in minutes is not a problem at all. You can choose the best-suited color from thousands of color options. One-click DEMO installer is another option that cannot be overlooked. Out of numerous DEMOS of this Best Auction Theme, you can install and import a demo for your Website.

In short, the Best Auction Theme has all the features for which a person can dream.

Theme Features List

  •  Best Choice for Auction Website

  • Visual Composer

  • Easy Customization and Editing

  • One-Click DEMO install

  • WP Plugins Supported

  • Easily Manageable



Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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