People make a lot of Common WordPress Mistakes while creating a WordPress website. However, each mistake is an opportunity for you to learn more.

It will help you to effectively grow your business. In this article, we’ve shared some WordPress mistakes that most beginners experience once on their journey.

i) Choose the right platform

The biggest Common WordPress Mistakes most people make is that they don’t even know the difference between and is a blog hosting service and is a self-hosted service.

ii) Buying Tons of things

To create a website on WordPress, you will need a domain name and website hosting. Now, most people buy tons of different things because the registrar website recommends it. The add-on services are not compulsory for your small business, so avoid them.

iii) Not setting up automated

People lose millions of dollars each year because they don’t set automated backups for their website. Every website on the internet is prone to cyber-attacks and other disasters. It is better that you take weekly updates for your website. This option is automated on most hosting providers, but sometimes because of some errors, it’s not possible.

iv) Not using Contact Form

The contact form allows your visitors to directly interact with your website. A contact page is provided by almost every famous website. Although WordPress does not come with a built-in contact form, you can use other online tools like plugins to create your own Common WordPress Mistakes.

v) Not building an email list

Emails are an effective marketing tool. Collect emails of your visitors and use them to increase your website leads. You can use a subscription form to do this task.

vi) Don’t ignore WordPress 

Not only this, you should also update your plugins whenever new arrives. These updates contain a lot of bug fixes that will help you to rank your website. You can easily update your WordPress website without breaking anything.

vii) Not using Analytics

Most people don’t even use google services. Google Analytics is one of the best tool provided by Google Inc, allowing you to track every chunk of your website in real-time. While creating your website, immediately set up a Google Analytics account as well of Common WordPress Mistakes. This is a powerful tool and will help you a lot.

viii) Not choosing the right theme

Select a WordPress theme that matches your creativity. It is better that you learn some basic coding and SEO to make an effective WordPress website. Research and select what suits your need, and then stick to it. It must be retina-ready on all devices, must be customization, SEO friendly, performance-optimized and should work with popular plugins.

ix) Not optimizing for SEO

Many people don’t even learn SEO and rely on their best guesses. SEO allows you to better rank your website on google results. Learn basic SEO and optimize your website by using different SEO techniques.

x) Ignoring website speed

By ignoring website speed and performance, you’re putting yourself in a lot of risks. The internet world is fast, so you need an instant page load speed. Optimize your website for speed, it also helps you in the ranking factor.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity. Web developer and web designer specialised in free and premium WordPress theme development. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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